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An audiovisual Animation about the Questions revolving around time. What is time ? What impacts does it have on Society ? Does time actually exist ? The idea of time is shown in concrete, as well as in abstract means, and should incentivize to think about the meaning of time, what we know about it, and what we don´t know. In the end time is nothing else than a construct of society, an idea of humankind. A Fake.


This short film is a university project that was created in the subject “experimental media”. Given the topic “66′ Fake” we decided to focus on the topic of time and the idea that time is a human made construct and therefore a fake. 
From the beginning I knew that I wanted a constant to work with throughout the whole video. To me a circle seemed like the perfect fit, symbolising time cycles and infinity. We used a lot of symbolism to outline the different aspects of our perception of time.
It was important to me that the separate scenes would have a seamless continuity and flow just like time flows without our notice.
The animation was created in Cinema 4D and rendered in Octane. 

Sound by Thomas Nagl