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Universal Memories

Memories are encoded Events in Time and Space, saved by our brain to influence future action.
The sum of all memories defines our personality and makes us who we are. However, memories do not only exist on a individual level, they can also be collective and cultural.
As Pierre Nora (1973) defined the lieux de mémoire (Memory Space) – certain places, objects or events can have special significance related to group’s remembrance.
Every Place can have a certain memory connected to an individual or a group.
Often Photography is used to retain memories and to keep them alive. A photo never shows reality as it is only a two dimensional representation of a four dimensional event. The aesthetics of Photogrammetry Point Clouds (3D Scans) instantly made us link it to memories. They are fragmented and incomplete, yet at the same time very detailed and vivid.
Universal Memories is an exploration of the world of memories, recollection and imagination.

Universal Memories
Universal Memories
Universal Memories

Visuals: Jascha Süss
Sound: Thomas Nagl